Benefits of Healthy Lawns

Healthy lawns are very important to our landscapes, lifestyles and environment. Lawns are consistently under attack as being a waste of our natural resources. Well...when managed with care, there are many benefits of lush green lawns.

What is Better for the Environment?

A nice green lawn or a dusty, weedy field?

benefits of healthy lawns low input lawnBig Green Environmental Filter
& place for the kids to play
benefits of healthy lawns dusty fieldDusty, Noxious weed breeding ground

These pictures were taken from the same spot - I just did a 180 ° - in front of a popular hotel in Clarkston, Washington.

The grassy field is fertilized once a year, weeds are spot sprayed, it is mowed once a week, the grass clippings are recycled and it gets watered as needed. It's an open green space that is aesthetically pleasing. You will find kids playing sports and dogs at play here.

The bare field is a breeding ground for noxious weeds - it is full of puncturevine (a.k.a. goatheads). The puncturevine will not move into the grassy areas where it can't compete with the turfgrass. The field gets mowed once a month to keep the weeds down. It is a very hot and dusty spot in the summer.

I wonder how much of that dust ends up in the Clearwater river? Soil eroded or wind-blown into waters is a big source of phosphorus pollution.

Benefits of Healthy Lawn

Lush Green Grassy Areas...

Are outdoor recreation spots that...

  • Link us to nature.
  • Create peaceful feelings and improve moods.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable place for kids to play.
  • Natural grass fields are safer for athletes than synthetic turfgrass.

A real asset to your home...

  • Boosting curb appeal.
  • Increasing property values.
  • Enhancing landscape plantings.
  • Beautifying our neighborhoods.
  • Building a sense of community.

Benefit soils by...

  • Effectively preventing erosion.
  • Contributing to soil organic matter.
  • Building rich zones where good microscopic critters thrive.

Protects water by...

  • Eliminating stormwater runoff.
  • Absorbing water into soil restoring groundwaters.
  • Trapping and removing pollutants with their fibrous root systems.

Improves air quality by...

  • Removing carbon dioxide and making oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Filtering the air by trapping dust and smoke particles.

Enhances our environment by...

  • Acting as "natures air conditioner" cooling the air.
  • Reducing urban noise pollution by absorbing sounds.

Turfgrass Producers International sums it up perfectly

Lawn Grass...

  • a continuing source of oxygen and cool air.
  • a cleansing answer to our environment.
  • a source of beauty and comfort
Benefits Healthy Lawns

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