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Helpful do-it-yourself lawn care tips from lawn professionals, landscapers and home owners who enjoy their lawns and gardens...and care about the environment. Mowing, watering, fertilizing, weed control and more.

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Recent and Popular Tips

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Planting Grass: For Best Results Select Quality Grass Seed  
Whether planting a new lawn or overseeding an existing yard, it is very important to carefully choose the grass seed you will use. There are large differences …

Edgeless Turfgrass Growth Regulator for Professionals - Save Time and Increase Profits 
Edgeless is a turfgrass plant growth regulator (PGR). The purpose of this product is to decrease the amount of string trimming or edging of lawns. …

Weed and Grass Killers: Roundup vs Generic Glyphosate 
Glyphosate is a non-selective chemical herbicide that is a very useful weed control around homes and in landscape beds. Non-selective means it will …

Organic Lawn Care Tips, Growing Natural Lawns

  • 10 organic lawn care tips revolving around sound maintenance practices. We call it "preventive health care for lawns". It's the simplest way to grow a lush green natural lawn without chemicals.
  • Grasscyling - How to spend more time relaxing on the weekends and less time mowing and fertilizing your lawn.
  • How to Compost Grass Clippings
Organic Weed Control Tips

Lawn Weed Control

Lawn Care Tips - Weed

Fertilizing Your Lawn

  • It's important to have your lawn fertilizer spreader adjusted to apply products at the recommended rate. Here's how to do it in a few simple steps: How to Calibrate Your Drop Spreader

Lawn Equipment & Tool Tips

  • Ride-on Spreader/Sprayers: These units are perfect for lawn care companies that do a high volume of fertilizing and weed control and want to increase efficiency. Employees will be happier because their back won't be hurting at the end of the day and they will get more done.
  • Have you ever had trouble starting your lawn mower or weed whip in the spring? Winterize Your Lawn Equipment - This tip is guaranteed to improve the reliability of your equipment. A few simple steps to winterize and store your gas-powered tools.
Lawn Care Tips
Lawn Care Equipment Tip
  • Mow like a pro! Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. Sharp blades cut cleanly and give your lawn a manicured look. An easy maintenance task - How to keep your lawn mower blades sharp.
  • Mowing lawn stripes: Have you ever wondered how the pros make the patterns on baseball fields or golf courses? Stripes are made by laying down the grass leaf blades in the direction you are mowing. Lawn striping kits can be made from boat trailer rollers, pvc pipe filled with sand, rubber flaps or chains - anything that can be mounted to the rear of a lawn mower cutting deck. Click here to learn how to stripe your lawn like a pro.
  • Work safe and smart! Lawn Mower Safety is all about common sense and paying attention to what your are doing.

Pests and Problems


Landscaping Tips

  • How to install drip irrigation in landscape beds using a simple kit that converts an automatic pop-up sprinkler system into a drip system.
  • Creative Landscaping Ideas - Do-it-yourself landscape design tips. Simple & fun ways to get your creative juices flowing and inspiration for your design.

Seasonal Tips

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