Mulching Leaves

by Cynthia
(Moscow, Idaho)

Leaves on lawn

Leaves on lawn

Leaves on lawn Mowed & mulched leaves


Is it OK to chop up leaves with my lawn mower and just leave them on my lawn instead of raking them up and bagging them? My neighbor says mowing leaves is bad for the grass and recommended we clean them up.


Yes! Mulch your leaves into your lawn. Mulching leaves is leaf clean up made easy. No raking, bagging and hauling away.

Since burning leaves is not legal in many cities, and hauling yard waste to landfills has been banned by many states, disposal of your leaves can be a hassle. Nowadays, most cities do have compost sites nearby. You can usually haul your yard waste to them and dump for free.

Mulching leaves with a lawn mower.
Mulching leaves

But why go to all that trouble? Just mulch your leaves with a lawn mower. You'll be finished in the same amount of time it takes to mow your lawn - might have to mow a couple of times if you have a lot of leaves.

Research has been conducted by Michigan State and Purdue University. In both studies, lawn quality was improved by mulching leaves into the grass and the following conclusions were also made...

Saves time and money, returns nutrients and organic matter to the turf, environmentally beneficial due to less landfill waste from bag use and emissions from transport.

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Dec 09, 2010
I absolutely agree!
by: Dennis

I have mowed my leaves for 11 years now and it has done nothing but good for my yard. It's quick, efficient and best of all, good for my yard. It adds nutrients to the soil and it is good to see that the report above supports that action. Thanks.

Nov 15, 2011
Less Work and Better For Your Yard
by: Bill

I always shred the leaves with my mower. It saves time and is good for the yard.

I don't understand why people waist time raking and bagging leaves. Grind them up with the mower and they are gone.

Jun 22, 2013
Question NEW
by: Anonymous

Is mulching a very large amount of leaves ok for your lawn or can it kill patches of the lawn?

Oct 19, 2014
mulching is fun NEW
by: pat

am 73 years old and physically unable to rake. So for several years my John Deere with mulching blades has done the work for me. Love mowing so mulching this way is great fun and so much better for the lawn.

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