What's Sustainable Lawn Care?

Sustainable lawn care is creating conditions that favor a healthy lawn while having a positive impact on the environment.

In a nutshell...

It's preventive health care for your grass.

The Strategy of Sustainable Lawn Care

Encourage deep rooting when conditions favor new root growth and preserve a well-developed root system as much as possible during unfavorable environmental conditions.

You accomplish this by focusing on the soil and good cultural practices. For example...

  • Choosing best grass types for your area
  • Mowing high and recycling clippings
  • Watering deep and infrequently
  • Fertilizing to add nutrients and organic matter
  • Aerating and compost topdressing
When your grass is healthy and well-rooted it will resist weeds, diseases and insects. You'll be able to reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals.

Your lawn care program should take an Integrated Pest Management approach... to pest problems.

  1. Identify the pest
  2. Determine the cause
  3. Correct the problem
  4. Use pesticides only when needed

This process requires a long-term approach. As you focus on building the soil through good cultural practices, you'll encourage an ecosystem where your lawn will thrive. Reducing inputs like water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Making it easier to achieve desired results...

Growing a beautiful lawn that benefits the environment and saves you money.

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