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Expert Lawn Care Tips and Advice for Growing Beautiful Lawns

Better Lawn Care is all about growing healthy, eco-friendly lawns that will have your neighbors...

Green with Envy!

We love our lawns! Green, grassy areas improve our quality of life by linking us to nature and providing spaces for recreation. Lawns enhance landscape plantings, boost property values and beautify our neighborhoods. Lawns benefit our environment by filtering dust and pollution from air and water. In urban settings, green grass improves living conditions by buffering noise and cooling the air.

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Yes, lawns are beneficial to our environment. Therefore, does the lawn care industry deserve the bad reputation dubbed by many conservationists as a waste of water and natural resources? Are our yards a source of fertilizer and pesticide pollution?


We - home owners and professionals - are spending billions of dollars (billions?? Not kidding - lawn care is a multi-billion dollar industry) on tools, services and chemicals. Growing grass that's sub-par...addicted to water and fertilizers.

Don't get me wrong, water and fertilizers are very important to growing healthy grass. The problems result from the misapplication of lawn care products and improper watering.

We need to do a better job of managing our lawns. Lush, green grassy areas are very important to our landscapes, lifestyles and the environment.

Want to know what your lawn needs and when to apply it?

Let the turfgrass experts at Sunday take care of the technical stuff.

Have you heard about the Sunday Smart Lawn Plan? It's simple, do-it-yourself natural lawn care that's customized to your soil, climate, and lawn.  Delivered to you right when you need it. You apply the nutrient packets with the included hose-end sprayer...simple, professional results!

Sunday's plant and soil nutrient products are made from food waste, seaweed, and molasses.  The natural additives stimulate plant growth and activate soil life.

This is Super Environmentally Friendly lawn care!

Learn More About Sunday

Better Lawn Care Mowing

Consider this site your online source for growing healthy lawns...

That are better for your family, your property and the environment. A place you can visit to get your questions answered by professional turfgrass specialists.

You'll get the dirt on:

  • Grass Types and Growing Grass
  • Mowing and Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Watering and Sprinkler Systems
  • Lawn Fertilizers and Fertilizing
  • Lawn Weeds, Weed ID and Pest Control
  • Natural and Organic Lawns
  • Choosing a Lawn Service
  • Helpful Do It Yourself Lawn Tips
  • How to Start a Lawn Service Business

And a whole lot more!

Bottom-line...lush and green or wilted and weedy. 

The difference is know-how. Are you ready to grow a lawn that will have your neighbors green with envy?

Great! Lets sink your roots deep into what you need to know...

Better Lawn Care - Dan Mowing Grass

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