Crabgrass - Lawn Weed Identification and Control

Lawn Weed Identification and Control

How to identify and manage crabgrass, one of the most common and invasive grass weeds. Pictures are included to help with identification.

Every landscaper, gardener, hobbyist, or do-it-yourself homeowner is — or will be at some point — very familiar with crabgrass, it grows everywhere, but the good news is it is very easy to prevent.

This weed is a warm-season annual grass, which means it sprouts from seed when temperatures rise in late spring and through the summer and then will die when temperatures cool or with the first hard frost in the fall.

It thrives on moist sites with plenty of sunlight and will invade areas where your lawn is thinnest and along edges and sidewalks – wherever the sun hits the ground, and there is little competition from lawn grasses. A dense and thick lawn is the best weed prevention.

Crabgrass Control

Annual weeds are easy to control with preemergence herbicides. Timing of application is very important, they need to be applied before weed seeds sprout. Preemergent weed killers work on germinating seeds or seedlings (young plants) that have not developed a root system. They do not affect established weeds, so they have to be applied before seedlings emerge from the soil.

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