The process of dethatching involves removing built-up old grass and debris from the lawn. This layer of thatch can build up over time and create a dense barrier over the soil, hindering the roots’ access to vital nutrients, water, and air.

You can decide to dethatch yourself or hire dethatching services near you. When looking for a dethatching service, you should take the time to research and compare several estimates first. By doing this, you will get the cost range and prevent yourself from being extorted.

Local Lawn Dethatching services cost

Lawn Dethatching cost1000 Sq. ft.$100$700
Lawn Dethatching labor costPer Hour$20$20
Dethatching ¼ acre¼ acre$2000$4000

Avg. Pro Dethatching Estimate: $215

Best time of year to dethatch

The best time of the year to dethatch a lawn is during spring. This is when it is actively growing, and the soil is usually moist. Spring is also the best time for aerating your lawn.

The best time to dethatch cool-season grass like Kentucky bluegrass is in early spring or early fall. Warm-season grass-like Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass should be dethatched in late spring and early summer after the second mowing.

Do not dethatch your lawn when it is stressed or dormant because you may damage it beyond recovery. It is best to ask for an expert’s advice first before you dethatch or better still, hire an expert to do the job for you.

FAQs deathatching

Who does dethatching?

Any lawn care, gardening, or landscaping company should be able to dethatch your lawn. is a FREE service that quickly matches you with top-voted Lawn Care and Dethatching Specialists.

You can get 3 estimates fast from experts in your area in just 2 minutes.

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  2. Answer questions about your lawn dethatching job.
  3. Your lawn details are forwarded to three local experts. They will send you a price estimate for the job and some friendly advice.

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How to save on dethatching services

Hire in winter

If you want to save on dethatching services, hiring professional dethatchers is best during the low season. This is usually during winter because most companies tend to close their operations. More so, most people do not like hiring contractors during this period due to the freezing weather.

The companies that will still be operational will offer lower rates so as to attract customers. Also, you will get quality services because of little competition.

However, you must ensure your grass is tall enough for mowing and dethatching because it tends to be dormant in winter. So, if it is not tall enough, dethatching it during this period may damage it.

Get 3 estimates

Another great way to save money on dethatching is by getting at least three estimates. When you have more than one potential dethatcher, you will compare the costs and hire the one that suits your needs.

Several free online platforms can link you with the most affordable local dethatching services. After you provide your details and address, the service will send your details to three dethatching services. You can then select the most affordable one as long as they fit your needs.

Cost as part of bulk services (mowing, aeration and fertilization)

Hiring lawn care professionals separately may be costly as you will pay for the services separately. The best way to get cheaper quotes is by hiring for bulk services. Usually, lawn mowing services can also handle dethatching and other lawn care jobs. Therefore, you can ask the company you choose to do all the jobs for you. Some companies even offer discounts for multiple jobs. So, you may get a cheaper estimate for multiple lawn care jobs.

Tips on Hiring a local dethatching service

The following tips will be handy when looking for a local dethatching service.

Internet search

It is easy to find a local dethatching service by searching on the web. There are dozens of online-based dethatching services that will be willing to do the job for you. To find a contractor in your town, ensure you include your city in your keywords. For instance, you should write “local dethatching service + town”, and lots of local services will pop up.

After that, you can check for the most affordable services and select the one that will interest you the most.


If your neighbor, family member or friend recently hired dethatching contractors, you can ask them for referrals. This will be a much quicker way to find a good local contractor. More so, you can check out the lawn they worked on and decide whether they are experienced enough.

However, you should determine whether you are compatible with the professional before you hire him/her. This is essential because different people have their own personal preferences.

Dethatching services near me

Other Lawn dethatching cost factors

Lawn size- the cost of dethatching a lawn depends on its size. The bigger the yard, the higher the price for dethatching it. Typically, it costs about $200 to $400 to dethatch 1000 square foot lawn.

Therefore, you should know your lawn’s exact size to get the right estimates for the dethatching job. You can take the measurements yourself or hire a handyman at a small price if the yard is big.

Grade (flat or hilly) – the terrain of the yard also matters a lot. Typically, flat surfaces are faster and easier to work on as the machine moves without many obstacles.

Therefore, the cost may be lower due to fewer challenges.
However, for a hilly or bumpy yard, the cost may rise because the contractors have to be extra careful to protect the machine from the bumps and hills.

Amount of thatch- the thicker the thatch, the more difficult it is to remove. Thick thatch takes more time and effort to remove compared to thinner ones. So, the overall cost for the job depends on how thick the thatch is. Thicker thatch will, thus, cost more than a thinner one.

So, to avoid high costs, do not wait until it is dense as it will be tough and challenging to remove. Dethatching should be performed at least once a year. If you wait for more than one year to dethatch, be ready for extraordinary costs.


Dethatching is essential as it allows the grassroots to get enough nutrients, water, and air. This boots their growth and makes the lawn more appealing and healthier. You can either decide to hire a dethatching contractor or DIY. Whichever method you choose, make sure you get the best results for a better and healthier yard.


Yes, you should pick up the thatch after dethatching your lawn. Usually, the yard looks ragged and untidy after you dethatch it. To make the lawn neat and regular, you should rake up all loosened thatch and remove it from your lawn. A rake is usually very handy for cleaning up after dethatching, and it will make your yard look neater and cleaner.

Dethatching tears up a lawn which is why you should pamper it a little bit to help it recover fast. You can do this by watering the lawn and fertilizing it with regular fertilizer. You should allow the lawn to recover and heal for about three weeks before you mow it.

Mowing your lawn immediately after dethatching may damage it. This is because it will not have recovered from dethatching.

If your grass is tall, you may need to mow it first before you dethatch. This will make the grass shorter and allow the dethatching equipment to reach the soil with ease. Typically, you will need to mow your lawn to about half its normal height before dethatching.

Yes, they can, but this will depend on the initial agreement. Mowing and dethatching are two different processes, and they both require special tools. So, if you want your lawn mowing service to dethatch your lawn as well, you should tell them early so that they can give you the overall mowing and dethatching estimate.

A regular leaf rake is not ideal for dethatching because it will not adequately remove the thatch from the lawn. If your lawn is small, you may use a regular rake, but a bigger yard will need the right equipment. Also, a leaf rake may damage your lawn if you try to dethatch with it. For best results, attach a dethatcher attachment or verticutter to your lawnmower.

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