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Dog Urine Killing Grass - Use Moth Balls to Keep Neighbor's Dog off my Grass?


Can I use Moth Balls in my grass to keep a neighbors female puppy from urinating on my grass and killing it?


No, but you can use moth balls to keep moths off your lawn (sorry, I couldn't help myself :). I do not recommend using moth balls as a dog deterrent - they could kill your neighbors puppy.

The best way to keep your neighbors dog from urinating on your lawn? Talk to your neighbor and ask them to keep their dog leashed or fenced in their yard. It is not a dog problem - it's a dog owner problem. Dogs naturally want to do their business away from home.

If your good neighbor cannot contain their dog - you can try scare tactics like yelling or squirting with a water hose. Train your neighbors dog to dislike visiting your lawn.

If you want to try a dog repellent, try products like Havahart Critter Ridder Animal Repellent - a pepper-based product labeled as a dog deterrent. Cayenne Pepper is another effective natural dog repellent. Bonide Products Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent contains cayenne pepper. Animal repellents will need to be applied often - after every rain or every time you water your lawn.

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