How Much Does Sod Cost?

Seed or sod? How much does sod cost compared to seeding? The upfront costs of sodding a lawn are about 20 times more than the cost of seeding. However, the results are instant and usually much better than seeding.

Big Roll Sod cuts down on man hours for installation. A tractor or bobcat with a special attachment is needed.

Factors influencing sod costs

  • Do it yourself or contractor
  • Where you live – prices differ around the country
  • Quality and grass-type
  • Where you purchase – direct from the grower or retail store.

Sod Prices - Large rolls

  •  How much you buy – larger purchases are discounted
  • Delivery fees
  • Shape of lot – slopes and hills will cost more because they are harder to sod

Calculate Amount of Sod Needed

Sod is sold by the square foot and sometimes by the square yard. Calculate square footage to estimate how much you will need for your project.

Tip: add 5% onto the total so you will have enough for trimming and shaping around your landscape.

To calculate areas:

  1. Rectangle and Square (Length x Width = Area)
  2. Circle (radius x radius x 3.14 = Area) To find the radius measure the diameter and divide by 2.
  3. Triangle [(Base × Height) ÷ 2 = Area]
  4. Right Triangle [(Base ÷ 2) x Height = Area]
  5. 9 ft2 in a Square Yard

Sod Prices - small rolls

Sod Prices – Laying it Yourself

So…How Much Does Sod Cost?

You can usually buy direct from a sod farm at wholesale prices. Growers usually have a minimum amount they will sell – usually 500 ft2 or 1 pallet – so for small projects you’ll probably have to pay retail prices at a garden center.

Sod farm prices range from $0.15 to $0.37 per ft2, depending on the type of grass and delivery fees.

Expect to pay at least $0.25 for quality sod – yeah, I’ve seen prices quoted on the internet as low as $0.08 (ummm…good luck with that). Growers need at least $0.13 to break even (according to 2022 costs of growing sod).

If you are installing it yourself budget $0.45 to $0.50 per ft2 factoring in prepping materials and equipment rental.

Sod Cost - Laying Sod

Contractor Prices

It generally costs between $0.65 and $1.50 per ft2 to have a contractor install sod. The price depends on how much prep work needs to be done, and the size and layout of the lot.

Sod farms have the ability to install sod cheaper than landscape contractors and many will sell and install it for $0.35 to $0.45 per ft2.

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