Hydroseeding is a convenient and efficient method for creating a lush and attractive lawn, with healthier grass, for your yard. It is a more affordable option compared to sod, and a superior alternative to manually spreading seeds. It is crucial to locate a qualified and insured contractor in your region if you intend to use hydroseeding for your yard.

The best contractors to hire should have all the necessary qualifications, experience, and insurance. Although local hydroseeding contractors are easy to find, they are not all well priced.

Let me give you some guidelines and tips on how to find good lawn care companies near you.

Cost of hydroseeding

Hydroseeding cost per sq ft1 sq. ft.$0.08$0.2
Hydroseeding cost per hour1 hour$55$125
Hydroseeding cost per ¼ acre¼ acre$750$2,000
Average Hydroseeding cost7,500 - 20,000 sq.ft.$425$3,500

Different companies offer different quotes. Some will charge you by the hour, while others offer a fixed price for the job. The best company to choose is the one offering fixed rates because you are assured the cost of hydroseeding will not change no matter how long the job takes. Most homeowners consider hourly rates costlier, especially if unexpected obstacles come up.

Finding a good hydroseeding service

If you are looking for a hydroseeding expert for the first time, the process may be quite daunting. You are likely to find many experts on the web, but the vetting process may take longer than expected. This is because you have to compare the professionals you find and determine the best one. Below are tips to help you find local professionals faster and without a big hassle.

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Search the internet

The internet has lots of options for you, but you must know how to search for reliable professionals. Many scammers are also available online, and you may lose your money if you are not cautious.

When searching for a hydroseeding professional online, always use the right keywords. For instance, you should type “lawn care service near me + your location” to find local professionals.

Take the time to compare the professionals you get before you pick one. Check their ratings, reviews, and their quotes. If possible, contact former clients and ask about their experiences with that particular expert. This way, you will know whether the expert is genuine, and you will have an idea of what to expect.

Ask around

Word of mouth is the most reliable marketing tool that most companies rely on. You can ask your neighbors, family, friends, and workmates to refer you to any lawn care professional they know. The company that gets the most recommendations should be your top pick.

If possible, you can request the referrer to allow you to look at their lawn. After that, you can decide whether to hire that professional based on their expertise, cost, and availability.

Check with your local council

If there is a local council that governs and approves lawn care experts, request them to give you recommendations. You can call the office, email them, or go to the office if you have time to spare.

This is another excellent way to find local hydroseeding experts. More so, you will be assured that the referrals you get are all qualified and experienced.

FAQ’s hydroseeding in the forest

Choosing a good hydroseed service

If you have eyes on several experts, you should check their portfolios thoroughly to determine which one is the best for you. The following tips will help you choose a good hydroseed service.

Make sure the contractor offers the services you need

A company may be offering lawn care services, but it may not be experienced in the services you need. To avoid guesswork, make sure the company provides hydroseeding services. Go through their portfolio and ask for referrals if you are not satisfied. If the company does not provide any referrals, move on to another provider.

Determine whether they are sustainable

Sustainability is an essential aspect to consider when looking for a hydroseeding professional. Find out whether the professionals you want to hire assure you of sustainability. Ask them where they get their products from and how they can help you save money.

Check qualifications

Before you get deeper into details with a particular provider, you should determine whether they have the right qualifications. Do detailed research on the company, check their website, and look for references from colleagues and friends. If you have more questions, you can contact the company and ask all the questions you want.

Check their experience

Experience matters a lot when it comes to choosing a landscaping company. Determine how long the company has been in business. Any company that has been operational for more than 5 years will have the knowledge and experience to meet the client’s needs. They will also have better customer service.

Questions to ask local hydroseed services

Now that you know how to find and choose hydroseeding professionals, the following are some of the questions you should ask local hydroseed companies before you hire them.

Are you licensed?

Any landscaping or lawn care company should be licensed to work in your state. Ask the company whether it has a license to work in your area. Request to see a copy of the license and ensure it is up to date.

Are you insured?

Insurance is of utmost importance for any company, no matter how big or small it is. Ask whether the hydroseeding expert you wish to hire has the right insurance. Be wary of tricksters who only pay for the first month and they keep the copy to trick you for the insurance. To be sure, call the insurance company to determine whether they indeed cover the professional.

Do you offer other services?

Ask the hydroseeding service you are interested in whether it offers any other services besides installing the hydroseed. Find out whether they offer grass weed control, pest and diseases mitigation services, dethatching or aerating lawns, or if they just provide local lawn mowing services. If they do offer these extra services, ask how much the additional services cost. Also, look for landscaping professionals for a complete experience and great final results.

Are your products safe for pets and kids?

This is a critical question to ask if you have pets or kids. Ask the company whether their hydro seeding mixtures are safe for your kids or animals because it is sometimes challenging to control them.

Are they offering maintaining tips?

Good hydroseeding services should provide you with good maintenance tips, for example, what kind of irrigation system will be the best choice for your lawn so you don’t end up with ugly grass and you will probably spend more money on the next project.

Hiring local hydroseeding contractors

If you are looking to hire a hydro seed expert, the following steps will guide you through the process.

Determine your needs

The first thing is to determine your needs and know what you want. Decide whether you need the professional to install the hydroseed alone or additional lawn service like weeding or pest control. Once you outline your needs, it will be easier to find the right company.

Check the company’s reliability

We have probably mentioned this before, but we will still insist on how essential it is to determine whether the company you are about to hire is reliable. Online reviews and ratings will tell you a lot about the professionals. Former clients can also tell you whether the professionals are reliable or not.

Check their rates and pricing mode

It is essential to determine whether the company you want to hire is within your budget range. Find out how they charge and whether they offer fixed prices or hourly rates. It is best to select a company that offers fixed prices because the rates will stay constant no matter how long the job takes. 

Determine the company’s availability

If a company has a lot on its plate, it is best to look for another one, unless you are willing to wait. Typically, a company with a lot of engagements may not give you the dedication you need. So, if the company is busy, consider looking for another one.


Hydroseeding is not as complicated as it sounds. If you have the time, the right gear, and equipment, it is possible to DIY hydroseed. You will need to buy a hydroseeding starter kit from your local garden store and look up the guidelines from the web. Hydroseeding on your own will be much cheaper than hiring a professional.

However, if you want professional results, it is better to hire a professional. Also, if the yard is extensive, a professional will handle the job faster and better.

The best time of the year to hydroseed your lawn is during spring or fall, according to IAHP. This is because the soil is usually warm, and the moderate rain helps the germinating grass grow deeper and stronger roots.

You can also hydroseed during summer because the summer heat helps the new grass to germinate and grow faster. However, you may need to water your lawn more often. Winter is a dormant season, and it is not the best time to hydroseed because the grass may take too long to germinate or even fail.

The substantial increase in homeowners going for hydroseeding is a clear indication that it really works. It is a faster way to grow your lawn, and it works excellently for large yards. If all the weather and soil conditions are right, hydroseeding will yield results the first time you install it.

Since the seed mixture is adjusted to fit the soil’s condition, the seeds become more resistant to external stress. The hydroseeding mixture holds moisture for a longer time than sod or grass seed, which helps the seeds germinate faster.

There are many companies that rent hydroseeding machines at an affordable cost. The cost for renting this equipment, however, depends on its size and discharge distance. Home Depot and MacAllister Rentals offer hydroseeder rentals for one day, week, month, or several months depending on your needs.

On average, hydroseeding is cheaper than sod by 70-80%, and it costs approximately $ 0.08 to $0.25 based on lawn size. It is an excellent option for large yards because the labor charges are less drastic than for a smaller yard.

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