Is It Expensive to Hydroseed a Lawn?

Hydroseeding is a speedy method for establishing a new lawn and is increasingly becoming the preferred approach over traditional seeding.

Hydroseeding a lawn is relatively cheap when compared to sod, but a more expensive option than regular seeding. It will cost you $1,200 on average to hydroseed a 10,000 sq ft lawn (US average).

The cost depends on several factors such as the current condition of your lawn, the hydroseeding service used, and the type of grass you want.

Price comparison to sod and regular seed

We need to compare the cost of hydroseeding to other lawn-laying methods to put it all in perspective. The below table shows the cost of laying sod compared to hydroseeding and regular seeding.

MethodSeed typeCost per sq. ft.
HydroseedKentucky Bluegrass$0.55 - $0.75
HydroseedFescue$0.50 - $1.95
HydroseedBermuda$0.60 - $1.00
SodKentucky Bluegrass$0.95 - $1.35
SodFescue$0.90 - $1.80
SodBermuda$1.12 - $2.00
Regular seedKentucky Bluegrass$0.35 - $0.45
Regular seedFescue$0.30 - $0.60
Regular seedBermuda$0.40 - $0.90

Factors influencing the price of hydroseeding a lawn

Here are some of the factors that will raise or lower your cost of hydroseeding. You can also skip ahead and get 3 x obligation-free quotes from top-voted local hydroseeding services by scrolling to the top and filling in the quick 2-minute form.

Factors influencing the price of hydroseeding a lawn

Type of grass seed

The core of hydroseeding is essentially spraying grass seeds into the ground. These grass seeds are mixed with fertilizers, water, mulch, additive, tackifiers, and other components to create a slurry.

The grass seeds are the most important of them that give your yards the desired lush lawn, and the type you select will significantly sway your cost.

The size of the yard

Hydroseeding is ideal for large yards, and the larger the yard, the more the price you’re expected to pay. Your local or big hydroseeding companies typically charge per square foot.

The cost per square foot ranges from $0.08 – $0.20. The most commonly hydro-seeded grasses are bluegrass, fescue, ryegrasses, Bermuda, Bahia, centipede, native grasses, and wildflower mix. Hydroseeding does not require special seeds.

The condition of your yard

The terrain of the land also influences how much you spend on hydroseeding. For example, some yards come on slopes and, as such, require more slurry for the increased runoff and drainage that the slope causes. As a result, you can pay twice the average amount in materials and grass seeds cost per square foot for slopes.

The process of hydroseeding

Either you’re hiring a big or small hydroseeding company to help with your lawn, or you have the luxury of doing it yourself. These are the steps involved in hydroseeding a law.

  • Selecting your seeds: The seeds you choose for your lawn can be of any species and preferred traits. It’d be best to pick your seeds based on your climate, and you can always ask for guidance from your local garden shop during selection.
  • Performing a soil test: The soil pH must be compatible with the seeds you’ve selected. For example, many species of grass seeds thrive at a pH range of 6.5 – 7, and depending on your soil pH; you can adjust with organic compounds, lime, and sulfur.
  • Making the soil bare: The soil you want to hydroseed should be free of weeds, fragments, and debris. Hydroseeding works effectively on bare soil.
  • Grading the soil: You should have a grade about 2.5 to 3 inches below your desired final grade. This way, you’ll be kept from reaching your house and any other structure that could be damaged due to moisture.
  • Applying topsoil and compost: To get the desired lushness and strength for your grass, you should use a two-inch mix of compost and topsoil.
  • Regrading the soil: This regrading makes your soil texture finer and smoother.
  • Hydroseeding: On completing the previous steps, you can prepare your hydroseeder with your preferred blend of seeds and soil amendments. Spray the slurry with your hydraulic machine till you cover the desired area.
  • Maintaining the lawn: An essential part of hydroseeding a lawn is maintaining it. You do not want to go through all the work in the previous steps not to have a flourishing lawn. For the first two months, ensure you water the lawn multiple times daily and avoid rigorous activities on the lawn till they’re strong enough.

Benefits of hydroseeding

  • Ideal for large lawns. What you stand to benefit from hydroseeding compared to other methods of growing a lawn is worth the cost you’ll incur during the process. Hydroseeding is a creative solution for homeowners who want to grow certain grass seeds on a large piece of land or slope.
  • Time-effective. Hydroseeding saves you time and makes the grass less vulnerable to erosion and drainage issues. You can pick specific grass seeds with desired traits to hydroseed and quickly grow them in a month or two compared to the traditional seeding and sod installation methods. You can also mix different seed types to suit your lawn better.
  • More coverage. With hydroseeding, you can expect lesser patches than in the traditional seeding method. You can also expect your lawn to be covered from inch to inch with the spraying method that hydroseeding employs.
  • Weed control. Hydroseeding also helps prevent weeds as the hydraulic machine ensures grass seeds stick where they land. There’s adequate coverage that stems from the growth or takeover by weed.

Cons of hydroseeding

  • No instant lawn. Hydroseeding can take a while to germinate compared to sod installation. It takes three weeks to start sprouting and about six weeks before you can start cutting and mowing. You’ll also need to pay careful attention to its maintenance for the first two weeks and water it two to three times a day.
  • Not ideal for DIY. You cannot do hydroseeding by yourself. You need professional help to get hydroseeding done as you must get the hydroseeder which costs multiples of what you’ll be paying to a professional hydroseeding company.


In conclusion, if hydroseeding is ideal for your lawn, make inquiries with your preferred local or big hydroseeding company to get a quote on how much you’ll be spending. Regardless of how much you pay, hydroseeding your lawn will be worth the price.

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