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Lawn Mower Safety
Tips to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

Lawn mower safety is common sense and paying attention to your surroundings.

I recently read an article claiming that 60,000 people are injured by lawn mowers every year (Reported by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). Many are hurt seriously enough to require hospital treatment - several lose fingers, hands or toes. Most of the injuries are caused by operator error and could have been avoided.

Contact with the blade, propelled objects, overturned riding mowers or running over the victim are the most common causes of injury. Other injuries are caused by not taking proper precautions while working on equipment.

Lawnmower Safety Gear

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Lawnmower Safety Sign
Preventing Mower Injuries

10 Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Work smart to avoid accidents and injuries

Operate Mowers Safely - Pay Attention to Your Surroundings
  1. Dress properly - always wear eye and hearing protection and don't wear loose clothing or mow in sandals or bare feet.
  2. Make sure all of the mower built-in safety features are working and leave them in place. Never remove any guards or shields - and don't bypass safety switches.
  3. Take care of your mower. Clean and inspect it after every use.
  4. Never work on the mower or clear the deck while the engine is running. Pull the key and spark plug before working on it. If you need to work on the deck or under a rider, use a safe lift or jack (like the MoJack XT).
  5. Understand how the mower operates and test drive it before engaging the blades.
  6. Inspect the lawn for sticks, toys, rocks - anything that can damage the mower or be turned into a projectile by the mower.
  7. Make sure the area is clear of people, children and pets. They could be hurt by debris thrown from the mower or not seen and accidentally run over.
  8. Be careful when handling gasoline. Don't fuel up with the engine running and let it cool down a few minutes. Always fill you tank outdoors and clean up any spills.
  9. Don't mow steep slopes. Riding mowers handle best going up and down slopes. Walk behind mowers handle best traveling across slopes.
  10. No Riders! Don't let children ride with you while mowing. I'm guilty of this, my brother is guilty and so is my dad. Yeah its fun for the kids but not smart or safe.

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