Lawn Mowing Wet Spring Weather and Mowing Long Grass


With the bad rain and weather my lawn is out of control long. Once the weather permits will it get damaged if I cut it several times in a row to get it back to 3 inches?


Sure has been a rainy spring! Even here in Lewiston where we average 12.5 inches per year – it has been raining since March. Everything is green…and the grass is growing fast.

To answer your question – No, you will not damage your lawn by cutting it a couple of times to get it back to a good height. It’s just not a good idea to make a habit of letting it get out of control and then cutting it back hard – if you want to maintain a healthy lawn.

The 1/3 Rule is a guideline. Grass that is cut frequently also looks better – it will be more “leafy” and less “stemmy”.

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