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Lawn Tools and Equipment Tips

Using the right lawn tools for the job and maintenance tips for years of trouble-free use.  We use it and provide our expert advice.  

Mowers, blowers, trimmers, edgers, sprayers...for many years, we have used a multitude of tools to maintain lawns and landscapes.  

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Lawn Tools and Equipment


Various types of equipment is used to maintain vegetation, the principle types used to mow lawns are reel and rotary mowers.  Reel mowers cut grass by means of a rotating reel of helical blades passing over a fixed blade (called a bedknife) attached to the mower frame. Very uniform, clean cuts can be made with this type of mower and this is the type of mower used by golf course and athletic field managers.  Rotary mowers cut grass by a high-speed impact of a rotating metal blade positioned parallel to and at a desired height above the lawn surface.  These are the most common type of mower used by home owners and commercial operators.

Choosing the right commercial mower for the job and where to shop for the best mower. 


  • Ride-on spreader/sprayer units are perfect for commercial lawn care companies that do a high volume of fertilizing and weed control and want to increase efficiency.
  • It's important to have your lawn fertilizer spreader adjusted to apply products at the recommended rate. Here's how to do it in a few simple steps: How to Calibrate Your Drop Spreader


  • Solo makes the best backpack sprayers! We've been using these sprayers for years and one of our favorite features of these sprayers is the availability of parts and accessories that you can use to repair or upgrade a Solo sprayer.


What's more effective a core or spike aerator?  This simple answer is pulling plugs with a core aerator is more beneficial than punching holes with a spike aerator.  Read more Comparing Spike and Core Lawn Aerators.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

  • Upgrade to a Smart Sprinkler Controller. Smart controllers gives you total control over your irrigation system from anywhere with the companion apps or web user interface.  No more forgetting to shut off the timer on rainy days!  Smart controllers connected to a WiFi network can pull hyper-local weather data, from weather services or even a personal weather station, and customize a watering schedule to water only when it's needed. 
  • How to install drip irrigation in landscape beds using a simple kit that converts an automatic pop-up sprinkler system into a drip system.
Maintaining Lawn Tools

Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Tools & Equipment

  • Mow like a pro! Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. Sharp blades cut cleanly and give your lawn a manicured look. It's a very important yet easy maintenance task - How to keep your lawn mower blades sharp.
  • Have you ever had trouble starting your lawn mower or weed whip in the spring?  Winterize Your Lawn Equipment - This tip is guaranteed to improve the reliability of your equipment. A few simple steps to winterize and store your gas-powered tools.

Snow Blowers

Essential winter lawn tools for snowy climates.  Snow Joe tops the list of best selling electric snow throwers.

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