Lawn Watering - What are the Best Sprinklers?

by Mike


I can not afford a sprinkler system and I am having problems with sprinklers. The ones with the small holes seem to get stopped up from something in the water. The ones that have to move seem to quit moving after awhile. I do not remember these problems with the old heavy metal sprinklers, but I can not find them. Because my lawn has lots of bushes mixed in with the grass, I need to water big areas, small areas, round areas and square areas. Any suggestions?


Debris at the water source clogging your sprinklers? Try installing a filter at the spigot and connect your hose to that. If it's buildup from hard water...then you'll have to stick with the large hole sprinklers.

I really like the Nelson POPPYTM three arm-sprinklers. They throw a nice pattern and can be adjusted at the spigot.

If you really want to get serious about watering, check out the impact style or wobblers at BigSprinkler.com. Mount one on a tripod and you'll be good to go.

All of these are adjustable - but you'll need to buy a couple varieties for the different areas in your garden.

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