Laying Sod Prices, Installing and Care

Laying sod is the most expensive way to plant a new lawn. However, compared to seeding there is no waiting for the grass to grow, the results are an instant lawn and instant gratification.

New Lawns, Laying Sod

Sod Prices

What’s the cost of sod compared to seeding? How much should you budget to plant new grass?

It depends on where you buy it. Are buying directly from a grower and paying wholesale or from a garden center at retail prices?

Other variables include the quality and type of grass, some varieties cost less to grow and are ready to harvest quicker than others.

Are you laying it yourself or hiring a contractor?

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When to Lay Sod

Sod can be planted anytime the ground is not frozen and the growers are harvesting it.

The ideal time to establish a new lawn is when the grass is actively growing. The preferred time to plant cool-season grasses is early spring or fall. The best time to plant warm-season grasses is late spring.

Laying a big roll of sod with skidsteer.

Sod Cutters

A sod cutter is a handy tool for prepping a site for laying sod, lawn repairs or expanding a flower bed.

Flat shovels or edging tools can be used for small projects. A gas-powered or “kick-type” manual sod cutter is necessary for stripping larger areas of grass.

Sod cutters can be rented from equipment rental businesses or home improvement stores such as Home Depot.

Rolls of sod on a new sod lawn.

How to Lay Sod

Installing sod is easy – plant it green side up! That’s a common joke around professional landscapers.

The process really IS simple, but it needs to be done right to ensure the best results.

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Laying Sod | How to Plant a New Lawn

Caring for New Sod

New sod needs a little care – mainly water and protection from traffic. It takes about 4 weeks for a new lawn to root firmly enough to be used and about a year before it is fully established.

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Watering New Sod

Starting to water immediately after installation is crucial to getting your new lawn off to a good start. Follow that initial soaking by keeping it moist – not mucky – until it roots into the soil.

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