Mole Control - What about those Vibrating Sensors?

Mole Hill In Lawn

Mole Hill In Lawn

Mole Hill In Lawn
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Do Moles respond to those vibrating sensors? Now I’m not politically incorrect: I do like life and animals. But sometimes folks can trip in those holes. Any idea about mole control and some of the newest technologies?


Be sure you are dealing with moles and not pocket gophers or ground squirrels – the control techniques are different for each. Moles tunnel and will push the dirt out leaving volcano-shaped mounds. Gopher mounds are kidney-shaped and the entrance will be plugged if it is an active tunnel. Voles and ground squirrels leave open holes.

None of the home remedies or commercially marketed mole repellents including sonic and vibrating devices are effective. They might scare the moles for a bit – they will eventually get used to the sounds/vibrations and return. Any good wildlife control specialist will tell you electronic devices, poisons, gases, grub and control are useless gimmicks.

What do moles eat?

Have you heard the mole/grub myth?

“If you have moles in your lawn, you must have grubs. Moles love to eat grubs and are attracted to your lawn. If you kill the grubs the moles will leave!”

This is false – moles will eat grubs and other insects but their favorite food is earthworms. Attempting to kill all the insects in your yard is also not the best idea.

Ultimate Mole Control – Getting Rid of Moles

End Your Mole and Gopher Problem Permanently!

Really, the most effective and environmentally friendly way to control moles is by trapping. Trapping is also the most cost-effective – don’t waste money on gimmicks…

The key to successful trapping is setting them properly.

Victor Out O’Sight is hands down, the best mole trap.

If you are concerned about harming animals – live traps can be set up. They are more of a challenge and are not as successful as kill traps – requiring a lot of trial and error to figure out.

Traps are dangerous so be careful. Consider hiring a wildlife control specialist, they will know the best way to set up live or kill traps.

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