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Getting rid of moles damaging your lawn or garden is not easy. Setting mole traps – live or kill traps – is the most successful and practical way to manage a mole problem.

Bizarre Gimmicks, Gadgets, Home Remedies and Old Wives Tales

According to a Virginia Cooperative Extension publication Managing Wildlife Damage: Moles

The sonic or vibration-producing devices advertised commercially as mole deterrents generally have no proven effect on moles. Similarly, many “home remedies,” such as gassing with auto exhaust, placing broken glass, pins or other sharp objects in the tunnels, and using harsh household chemicals, usually are totally ineffective, can be hazardous to residents and non-target animals, and may be illegal.

Most wildlife specialists will agree, physical removal by catching or trapping is the only effective control method.

Check with local and state laws before trapping or using poison baits for mole control. Some states require permits or it may be illegal to trap or use poison baits to kill animals. Catching, transporting and releasing wild animals is also illegal in some states. Mole traps are also dangerous and care must be taken while handling a loaded trap.

Properly set mole trap

Poison Baits

Baits can be used, but the results are not consistent. The problem with most baits is that moles eat living worms and other soil insects – they don’t eat grains so poison peanuts and other baits labeled for rodents are not effective.

Poison baits work if you can get the problem animal to eat it. Worm and grub-shaped and scented baits have been used effectively but again, results are mixed and inconsistent.

Mole Killer/Sissor Trap
Dead mole caught in trap

The Best Mole Traps?

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There are three types of traps that work well if set properly – the harpoon trap, scissor-jawed and choker loop. The Victor Out O’Site is hands down the best.

More recommended traps that can be purchased at Amazon:

  1. Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator
  2. Victor M9015 Deadset Mole Trap

Out O'Site Mole Trap

Trapping requires patience, persistence and some skill. Trapping is not easy and most people are not good trappers, they are quick to give up when they don’t catch anything. Properly setting traps is the key to catching moles.

If you are ready to quit wasting time and money on products that don’t work and start getting rid of moles damaging your lawn and garden, learn how to set traps or hire a wildlife management specialist.

This is an excellent video on trap setting:

Don’t want to hurt the mole? Catching without killing – This guy has an interesting technique. Take note of what he says about the vibrating-repellent devices.

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