Natural/ Organic Lawn Maintenance Calendar

Use this organic lawn maintenance calendar to plan your chemical-free lawn care program. This is for cool season grasses.

Early Spring (March)

  1. Mulch mow leaves still on your lawn.
  2. Begin regular mowing when grass resumes growth. Always mow high and mulch – return grass clippings to the lawn.

Spring (April and May)

  1. Apply corn gluten meal for pre-emergent weed control in early April. Apply at a rate of 20 lbs per 1000 square feet.
  2. Mow high and frequently – removing no more than 1/3 of growth.
  3. Hand-pull weeds or spot treat with herbicidal soaps.

Summer (June and July)

  1. Hand-pull weeds or spot treat with herbicidal soaps.
  2. Water as needed.
  3. Mow high and frequently.
  4. Monitor for lawn insect pests.

Fall (October)

  1. Mow high and frequently.
  2. Hand-pull weeds or spot treat with herbicidal soaps.
  3. Water as needed.
  4. Topdress with compost.
  5. Mulch fallen leaves with a mower.

Late Fall (November into December)

  1. Continue to mow as long as the grass is growing.
  2. Mulch fallen leaves with a mower.
  3. Apply late fall fertilizer.

Kid and Pet Safe Smart Lawn Plan

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