Should I Water My Lawn After I Fertilize?


I fertilized Sunday when it was 75 degrees. The temperature today will be 94. Should I water to prevent the lawn from burning?


Yes, watering after you fertilize will prevent your lawn from burning – it will also help activate the fertilizer. Early summer lawn fertilizers should be slow-release or organic-based. Milorganite is a good choice and it is made in Milwaukee.

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Watering After Fertilizing


Do I need to water my lawn after I fertilize?


Yes, it’s always a good idea to water after you fertilize for two reasons – to wash fertilizer off of the grass leaves into the soil zone and to activate slow-release fertilizers.

Fertilizers are salts and burn occurs when high concentrations of salts cause desiccation (drying out) of plant cells causing the leaves to turn brown…and usually die. Watering after you fertilize washes off the grass leaves. Remember to always apply fertilizer carefully. Spills will leave brown burn spots even if you water.

Fertilizing when your lawn is dry and the weather is cool will also reduce the chance of fertilizer burn.

It is always a good idea to use a fertilizer with a percentage of slow-release nitrogen. This is commonly labeled as “WIN – Water Insoluble Nitrogen” on the label. Slow-release formulations need moisture to start releasing nutrients.

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