Spyker Spreaders, Brinly-Hardy - Lawn Broadcast Spreader

Our Recommended Choice for Lawn Fertilizer Spreaders

Spyker spreaders by Brinly-Hardy are durable, precise and made in the USA – one of the best on the market. A favorite brand of commercial lawn care and sport turf professionals as well as do-it-yourself homeowners. Many praise the way these spreaders consistently throw fertilizer and other products in a wide and even pattern.

Looking for quality that will last a lifetime?


  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Enclosed Metal Gears (Pro Series)
  • Poly or Stainless Steel Hoppers
  • Stainless Steel or Powder Coated Frames
  • They Throw a Wide and Even Pattern
  • Positive ON/Off (no cables)
  • Easy to Adjust, Clean and Maintain

The pros know the importance of accurate lawn applications. Whether spreading seed, fertilizer, herbicides, snow melt, top dressing material, or soil amendments you will find a Spyker spreader to meet your needs. They handle everything from fine pellets to bulky organic fertilizers. The Pro Series can even handle spreading mulch materials.

Spyker Broadcast Spreader
This model 46 is ideal for small landscapers as well as home or estate owners.

While these broadcast spreaders are primarily used by turfgrass professionals, homeowners who are tired of struggling with the cheap plastic junk they sell at the local home improvement store will appreciate these sturdy and easy-to-use spreaders.

If you are looking for a quality broadcast spreader, I think a Pro Series model is a good choice for lawn care professionals and a Spyker of Brinly-Hardy 20 Series is perfect for homeowners.

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