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Weed and Grass Killers: Roundup vs Generic Glyphosate

by Dan

Glyphosate is a non-selective chemical herbicide that is a very useful weed control around homes and in landscape beds.

Non-selective means it will kill weeds, grass, or just about any vegetation that is sprayed with it. Glyphosate is only absorbed by plants through foliage or green bark, it does not move through the soil or absorbed by soil roots.

It is used to kill weeds in and around fences, trees, driveways, flower beds, walkways, shrubs, weedy lawns to prepare for renovations and garden preparations. Just be careful not to spray your valuable plants when spraying it in ornamental beds.

Monsanto's Roundup is the original brand of glyphosate. The patent held by Monsanto expired - I think in 2003 - and since then several companies have produced generic brands of Roundup. These generic brands are cheaper and work just as good. The past couple of years I have used Gordon's Pronto® Big N' Tuf (41% Glyphosate), its pretty much the same as the original Roundup and kills weeds just as dead; however, a gallon of concentrate Big N' Tuf costs $25 compared to $100 that a gallon Roundup brand 41% costs. The generic brands work the same!

Kill weeds down to the roots and save some cash! Everyone has a farm and garden store like Tractor Supply, Southern States, Big R or a local farm cooperative nearby. These stores will carry the Roundup brand or generic brands. Just be sure you are getting a product with at least 41% glyphosate when shopping for a weed killer deal.

One gallon of 41% glyphosate will go a long way, I usually mix 2.5 oz per gallon of water (this is just under 2% and works great even on hard to kill weeds).

I just did a quick online search for glyphosate at Farm & Garden stores, here are some of the brands that I found:

  • Pronto® Big N' Tuf

  • Ranger Pro with 41% Glyphosate

  • Imitator® Plus

  • Bonide KleenUp

  • ERASER Weed and Grass Killer

  • Glyphomate 41

  • Southern States Grass And Weed Killer

  • ZamZow's KleenUp (this product was expensive @ $60/gal.)

  • Glypro

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Comments for Weed and Grass Killers: Roundup vs Generic Glyphosate

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Jul 18, 2014
Killzall II RTU 1.95 percent salt of Glyphosate
by: Anonymous

Not sure if any of you had experience with this product, but here goes.

Went looking online for some good generic weed killer & stumbled upon the Killzall brand. It looked to have a lot of great reviews, & the price was right, so I said what the hell. I searched round for an even better price, just for the sake & found a one gallon of it on Amazon. For less than $20 including shipping(other places wanted $40.00) the product I wanted had 41 percent Glyphosate, so thinking I got a steal, I bought it.

Just got it today(Super quick standard shipping) open the box & it says Killzall II RTU. Look at the active ingredient & it's less than 2% percent salt of Glyphosate. Now I don't know, but I'm assuming the RTU means ready to use, so I'm also assuming it's the reason for less active product than what I wanted initially. Can't find a lot of info on the differences, of the two besides my obvious observation, so hopefully someone here can clue me in. At least this tells me to look real close at labels, altho they were completely similar brown bottles with similar label. Needless to say I'm returning the product.

Thanks for any info that can be provided.

Jun 27, 2014
check your math
by: Anonymous

If you read the Farmworks glyphosate 70 page instruction book 2% is 2.7 oz per gallon. We always use 5oz per 2 gallon with 4oz ammoniumm sulphate (21-0-0). That takes care of the hrd water.

Jun 22, 2014
Improve your kill rate Glyphosate
by: ww2620

A very cheap add on to the tank is a shot glass of any kind of vinegar per gal of water. The ph of most city water is your enemy.

May 17, 2014
dilution ratio
by: Anonymous

Thanks for noticing the math error. Now my question is what should the correct dilution ratio be- I used it last weekend *Don't remember dilution in my sprayer, think it was 2 oz-- but went by directions on bottle- and they weeds are laughing at me!! HELP!!

May 17, 2014
dilution ratio
by: Anonymous

Thanks for noticing the math error. Now my question is what should the correct dilution ratio be- I used it last weekend *Don't remember dilution in my sprayer, think it was 2 oz-- but went by directions on bottle- and they weeds are laughing at me!! HELP!!

Feb 22, 2014
Check this first
by: George

If you notice that your 41% Glycophos is not working all that well, check your water before you blame the product. Well water (and some city water) that has a fairly high mineral content should be conditioned with AMS BEFORE adding the Glycophos. A surfactant (dish soap) helps it stick to the leaf surface so it can do its job.
Back to the AMS (ammonium sulfate) available as a dry granule or as a liquid. The liquid has a shorter shelf life but is MUCH MUCH easier to mix. The granules tend to turn to jelly and plug up your sprayer. The AMS conditioner is CHEEP and will make it possible to use less glycophos. The little bit of ammonium in it tends to make the plant go "YUM!" and drink it in resulting in a faster burn down.
Give it time to get all the way to the root or you will have the same troubles in a few weeks.

Oct 01, 2013
check your math
by: Anonymous

Mixing 2.5oz of 41% glyphosate per gallon yields a 0.8% solution not 2%

Jul 30, 2012
by: JO

We used this to control the weeds on our 10 acres! Works great!

Jul 07, 2012
by: midknight

I have learned that unless you have the cash to lay out for a commercial type riding lawn mower (weed eaters more so) you will end up with a $1500 piece of crap and that no amount of maintenence will stop the constant aggravation and cost of keeping a mower deck operating ( somebody has to make those yacht payments ) But it's no longer me. So far the generic glyphosate works perfect. KILLS EVERYTHING,just like I wanted. Just like any other product,if they change the mixture to save money I will no longer buy it either. I have no faith in our products any longer. Most are embarrasing imitations of yester year.

May 16, 2012
41% Glyphosate from Big R
by: Jim

This past weekend, I paid $18.00 for 1 gallon of the Big R brand of 41% glyphosate.

Jun 10, 2011
Dandelions are Good Eating
by: Dan

Thank you Libby. Dandelions are chocked full of vitamin A and C - the whole plant is edible and a lot of people grow them to use in salads. Chickweed, yellow wood sorrel, and purslane also plants that are edible...and considered common lawn weeds. I really enjoy the lemony flavor of yellow wood sorrel (Oxalis). Debbie and I are actually growing a cultivated Oxalis in our containers this year.

Anyway...weeds are defined as a plant that is growing where it is not wanted.

And remember that glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide. It will kill your grass along with the weeds and is best used in driveways or landscape beds. Choose a broadleaf weed herbicide to use in lawns.

Jun 03, 2011
by: Libby

Great advice to save money Dan. I am only going to kill the dandelions in the front yard, as I use the dandelion leaves in the back yard in my salads. My dietician wants me eating them. Yum.

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