Weed and Grass Killers: Roundup vs Generic Glyphosate

Glyphosate is a non-selective chemical herbicide that is very useful for weed control. The problem is it will keep all grass and plants it comes in contact with. Glyphosate is only absorbed by plants through foliage or green bark, it does not move through the soil or is absorbed by soil roots.

It kills weeds in and around fences, trees, driveways, flower beds, walkways and shrubs. Just be careful not to spray your valuable plants when spraying them in ornamental beds.

Monsanto’s Roundup is the original brand of glyphosate. The patent held by Monsanto expired – I think in 2003 – and since then several companies have produced generic brands of Roundup. These generic brands are cheaper and work just as good. For the past couple of years I have used Gordon’s Pronto® Big N’ Tuf (41% Glyphosate), it’s pretty much the same as the original Roundup and kills weeds just as dead; however, a gallon of concentrate Big N’ Tuf costs $25 compared to $100 that a gallon Roundup brand 41% costs. The generic brands work the same!

Kill weeds down to the roots and save some cash! Everyone has a farm and garden store like Tractor Supply, Southern States, Big R or a local farm cooperative nearby. These stores will carry the Roundup brand or generic brands. Just be sure you are getting a product with at least 41% glyphosate when shopping for a weed-killer deal.

One gallon of 41% glyphosate will go a long way, I usually mix 2.5 oz per gallon of water (this is just under 2% and works great even on hard-to-kill weeds).

I just did a quick online search for glyphosate at Farm & Garden stores, here are some of the brands that I found:

  • Pronto® Big N’ Tuf
  • Ranger Pro with 41% Glyphosate
  • Imitator® Plus
  • Bonide KleenUp
  • ERASER Weed and Grass Killer
  • Glyphomate 41
  • Southern States Grass And Weed Killer
  • ZamZows KleenUp (this product was expensive @ $60/gal.)
  • Glypro

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