Edgeless Turfgrass Growth Regulator for Professionals - Save Time and Increase Profits

Edgeless is a turfgrass plant growth regulator (PGR). The purpose of this product is to decrease the amount of string trimming or edging of lawns.

It works by reducing stem and grass blade elongation by suppression of gibberellic acid, the plant hormone responsible for cell elongation. Edgeless can be applied as a 6-inch band to the perimeter of lawns, landscape beds, curbs, retaining walls, fences, posts and building structures.

I obtained a 1 oz. sample of Edgeless through Sepro’s website and experimented with it at a couple of sites that I maintain weekly — a hotel that requires a lot of weekly string trimming and my yard.

The primary grass species of the treated areas is Kentucky bluegrass. I made the application just before Labor Day and prior to the fall flush of growth. The 1 oz. the sample covered just over 1,000 linear feet. Calibration and application were easy with a backpack sprayer, however it required the purchase of a Chapin CF Valve and the recommended TeeJet 8002E nozzle.

Overall, I was happy with the results and will be trying Edgeless on more sites.

What we cover


  1. Save labor and increase profits by reducing time spent on string trimming.
  2. Easy calibration and application with a backpack sprayer.
  3. Eliminates string trimmer damage to the base of trees, wood fences and posts.
  4. Can be applied to cool and warm-season grasses.
  5. Additional service to offer clients.


  1. Margin of error is slim, the applicator must be precise to achieve the best results.
  2. Over-application results in discoloration or damage to the grass.
  3. Should only be applied to healthy grass.
  4. Requires a Chapin CF Valve ($22) and TeeJet 8002E nozzle.

Bottom Line: Edgeless did what it advertised, it reduced/eliminated the amount of weekly string trimming saving me time/labor costs and increasing profits. 8 weeks later I was still seeing good results. At the hotel, time spent trimming was cut by at least 1/2 hour per week. In my yard, I did not have to weed whip at all this fall.

As an arborist, I’m really excited about the potential use of Edgeless to protect the base of trees.

I did get a little burning/discoloration in a few spots, but chalk that up to applicator error. Overall, I was impressed with the results and will recommend this product to other turfgrass managers.

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