Maintaining your lawn can have many benefits. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your home, but it can also significantly boost the market value of your property. That’s why it is essential to regularly aerate, dethatch, mow, and overseed your lawn.

Aerating your lawn yourself may save you a few dollars, but it is not quite worth it, especially if you have a busy schedule. Also, aerating needs skills, and if you lack them, you may end up harming your lawn. For this reason, it is essential to look for a good lawn care professional near you to take care of your lawn whenever the need arises.

With qualified lawn care professionals, your lawn will receive special care and grow healthier. More so, you will be at peace knowing the task is in good hands.

Average cost of core lawn aeration

Core aeration is good for your lawn as long as it is done the right way. The national average cost for core aeration is about $127, with a range of $112 to $142. The cost per square foot is between $0.015 and $0.019. For 1000 square feet, expect to pay anything from $15 to $19. These costs vary depending on your lawn size, location, and the difficulty of the job.

The average cost to aerate one acre is $400 to $600. However, for large spaces, most will not price the job by square feet. So, if you have a large lawn, you may pay hourly rates for the job. Contractors charge between $35 and $65 per hour to aerate a lawn. If you have the time and skills, you can DIY the project to lower the cost. You will, however, need to rent aerating equipment that goes for $55 to $85 for 4 hours.

If you combine aeration and overseeding, you can pay less than double the aeration cost. Professionals may lower costs when the services needed are many. To aerate and overseed 10,000 square feet, expect to pay between $200 and $325. The cost to aerate and fertilize your lawn will be about $170 and $260.

The table below summarises the costs for you.

Lawn aeration costPer sq. ft.$0.015$0.019
Lawn aeration per 1000 sq. ft.1000 sq. ft.$15$19
DIY equipment hire4 hours$55$85
Lawn aeration labor cost1 hours$35$65
National average core aeration cost7,500 sq. ft.$112$142

Choosing a good lawn aeration contractor near me

Finding good lawn aeration services will incredibly benefit your lawn. With the excellent exchange of water, nutrients, and air in the soil, the grassroots will grow stronger and healthier. So, your lawn will be thicker and healthier every day. The following tips will help you choose the right lawn care professional.


A licensed lawn care provider should be your top pick because the license is proof enough that their expertise and quality are top-notch. It also shows that the professional is properly trained and has the needed skills to handle your lawn job. The expert will have the knowledge to handle tools and will avoid bad practices that may harm your lawn.

For this reason, you should always check whether the lawn care expert you have eyes on has the right license. Determine whether the license is up to date and whether the expert has attended additional training that keeps them current on the industry’s latest practices. If the professional cannot show you their license, simply move on to the next option to avoid regretting later.

Knowledge and experience

Any qualified lawn care provider will have the experience required to aerate the lawn properly. The professional should be aware of the proper aeration techniques and should follow the industry standards. Core aeration is the optimal aeration choice for lawns, and a large number of US homeowners and contractors choose it over other methods.

Aeration breaks up and redistributes the soil, thus decreasing its density. It also removes any barriers that may prevent grassroots from getting enough nutrients, water, and air. The professional you choose should know the proper core depth, which is 2.5 to 3 inches. This depth is enough to reduce soil compaction and boost root growth.

Overseeding method

Once you aerate your lawn, you will need to overseed to help the grass recover and grow healthier. Before choosing a particular lawn care expert, you should determine whether the overseeding option they choose will be right for your lawn. The provider should explain everything and help you understand why the method they choose is the best for your yard.

Overseeding will greatly enhance your lawn’s appearance and help it withstand insects and diseases. Watering is also essential, and it should be done properly. Ensure the expert you choose will handle the job as required.


Insurance is as important as licensing, and every lawn care provider should have proper insurance. Whether the provider is working solo or has a crew, they should have proper insurance. Ensure the lawn care professional you choose is insured. Also, ask for proof of insurance and check whether the insurance company listed covers the professional.

Questions to ask lawn aeration companies

Before you hire a lawn care provider, it is essential to determine whether they are genuine or not. You cannot possibly know if the provider you choose is right for you until you ask them a few truth-revealing questions. Below are some of the questions you need to ask potential lawn care contractors before you hire them.

How long have you been operating?

Before you commit to a particular professional, ensure you know how long they have been in business. Do not be among the many homeowners who end up being duped by “professionals” that lack proper skills and experience.

Although newer companies may also offer exceptional services, most of them may not have the knowledge to handle critical projects. Also, some of them may not stick around for a long time.

It is good to work with professionals that have been around for more than four years. Companies that have been in business for a long time will know everything that entails lawn care and will have better customer care services.

What is your specialty?

You should not assume that all lawn care providers offer similar services. Different companies offer different services, so you must ensure you know exactly the services the company you are interested in provides.

Any company that offers almost all services should be avoided. This is because they might not have the proper skills to aerate your lawn.

Are you insured

Insurance is critical, and the company you intend to hire should be covered by a reputable insurance company. Ask your lawn care provider whether they are insured and determine if the insurance is up-to-date. Also, determine whether it is enough to cover for damages and medical bills in case the experts get injured in the line of duty.

When checking the insurance papers, determine whether the providers pay their premiums monthly. This is because some cunning professionals pay for the first few months to dupe you into hiring them.

Do you offer additional services?

It is good to ask potential lawn care experts whether they offer any other services apart from aeration. This is important if you need additional services like dethatching, overseeding, lawn treatment, and mowing.

It is usually cheaper to hire services as a package. So, if you need more than one service, look for professionals that provide what you need.

Do you have employees?

Ask the expert you are about to hire whether he/she works solo or has a team. Also, find out whether the employees, if any, have gone through proper training. Do not allow untrained professionals to work on your lawn as they may harm the grass. So, whether the professional has a team or not, determine whether they are rigorously trained.

How often will you aerate my lawn?

This question is also important because you need to find out how regularly your lawn is going to be aerated. A healthy lawn needs aeration once a year, while a lawn grown on heavier soil may need to be aerated twice a year. Find out how often your lawn needs aeration and determine if the professional you are about to hire will follow the right aeration protocols.

Hiring lawn aeration companies in my area

If you are looking to hire a new lawn care specialist, below is a list of the things you need to consider. Lawn care professionals are many, and you must be cautious not to fall into the hands of scammers.

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Do not hire any professionals that do not have proper insurance. Accidents may happen, and they may lead to damages or injuries. If the expert does not have the right insurance, you may be forced to foot all the bills that come up.

Response time

Once you call, text, or email a lawn care professional to know what they offer or get a quote, the company should call back as soon as possible. Avoid any company that responds after three working days because it shows they are not committed or have a lot going on. A good provider should respond within 24 working hours.

Proper communication

If the company you contacted response, ensure it follows up, answers all your questions, provides their schedule, and gives you a quote. Even if the company has many engagements, it should not take too long to follow up, and if it does, move on to the next potential hire.


The way a company presents itself matters a lot, no matter its size. The presentation includes their dressing code, communication skills, listening skills, and the state of their equipment. A company with proper uniforms and well-maintained tools will be a good hire as long as they pass all the other aspects.


Yes, lawn aeration is worth it, especially if your lawn has excessive thatch or has been grown on heavy soils. Also, if the yard is receiving heavy foot traffic, aerating will benefit it by making it grow healthier. All lawns will greatly benefit from aeration, but most lawns do not need it. Also, it is essential to time the aeration right to avoid stressing and harming the grass.

Aeration should be done when the grass is at its peak growing period to help it recover quickly. You can aerate cool-season grass during early spring or fall, while warm-season grass should be aerated during late spring or early summer. If your lawn receives high foot traffic or is grown on heavy clay soil, you may need to aerate it every year to ensure it receives enough nutrients.

Healthy lawns should be aerated once a year. Lawns with thatch build-up, compacted soil, or suffering from heavy traffic should be aerated twice a year. The best time of the year to aerate your lawn is right before the grass’s peak growing season. Aerating the lawn when it is actively growing helps it recover quickly.

If you hire a lawn care or handyman regularly, you can tip them about $15 to $50 per year, especially during the holidays, to appreciate them for their excellent and reliable services. If it is a one-time job, you can tip them depending on the quality of the job. Better still, you can leave positive reviews on the professionals’ sites to market them as this will be a better tip than money.

Yes, you should overseed your lawn 48 hours after aerating it. You should also fertilize and water it to help the grass grow faster and healthier. The grass seed, water, and fertilizer have a better chance to penetrate the holes created after aeration. So, you should overseed soon after aeration for maximum seed growth.

You should, however, note that if the fertilizer you are using contains weed control chemicals, the grass will not germinate properly.

Yes, it is best to dethatch before aerating your lawn because dethatching removes excess debris, making aeration easier. Detaching and aeration are good for compacted soil. So, these processes help improve water, air, and nutrient penetration into the lawn root zone.

Getting a good lawn care professional should not be difficult if you follow the tips outlined above. Understand that there are experienced professionals in the industry, and there is a good share of low-quality services too. So, take your time to research for the best aeration professionals in your area to make sure your lawn gets the best care.

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